1. What is Go Gullak?

Our Platform Provies a mean to Save Your Money with Locking Mechanism.

2. What is Special in Go gullak (In Comparison to a saving bank).

You can Lock Your Money For a Particular time period(i.e. 6 months) you can neither use nor withdraw for this time period.

3. What Go Gullak do?

It helped you to be Financially free after a help year & you can spend your money where you want by simply breaking your gullak.

4. How to use it?

It's Simple to use
A. Calculate EMI
B. Create Account
C. Login and Start saving Money

5. Security of Go Gullak?

It is 100% Secure with SSL Certificate, so your data & information can not be hacked in case you can file RTI ON Gullak for any concern.